The Hopfenveredlung over time from the initial idea to the present day.


The idea of refinement
from hops... based on a process specially developed in 1962 for the production of enriched hop powder under deep-freeze conditions.

This is a mechanically produced concentrate, which is characterized above all by a standardizable bitter value and gentle processing.


The foundation

In 1968, a specialized processing plant was established,
from which today's Hopfenveredlung St. John came into being.

As early as 1972, there was an innovative further development in the refining of hops. The hop powder obtained was pelletized, which greatly improved the dosing and handling of the product.


The pioneering spirit sets further milestones

Since 1980

Continuous expansion

In the past decades, both the production facilities and the storage capacities have been continuously expanded. As early as 1985, the first cold storage warehouse was built.
After storage trials had shown that cold storage enormously slows down alpha acid degradation and aging of hops, cold storage capacities for both raw hops and finished products were continuously expanded from 1991 onwards.

The constant pioneering spirit of this company set milestones worldwide in the processing, logistics and storage of hops and hop products as well as in application research.


The research brewery

In 1998, the processing plant was expanded to include a research brewery. In order to gain clear and reproducible knowledge about the influence of hops in beer. Due to high demand, an extension was built in 2014.
New construction of a unique CO2-hop extraction plant. With one of the largest investment sums in the hop industry, the company has succeeded in commissioning a holistic site concept with sustainable energy management and synergy effects.

2018 - 2020

Holistic site concept


Processing plant

Today, approximately 26 % of the world hop harvest is processed on the approximately 11 hectare factory premises. With a production capacity of around 8 tons of raw hops/hour, pellets and extracts are produced in our production facilities. We have the most modern laboratory technology and enormous cold storage capacities. This enables us to ensure that our products are manufactured to the highest quality and stored in a quality-preserving manner.    

Official opening ceremony with guests from politics.

We had the pleasure to welcome Dr. Markus Söder, Bavarian Minister President, Mr. Hubert Aiwanger, Deputy Bavarian Minister President and Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs, Mr. Florian Oßner, Member of the Bundestag and Mrs. Petra Högl, Member of the Landtag. 

October 2022

Official opening ceremony